PITTCON 2013: Trends & Expectations

By: Dan McDougall, Senior Manager – Laboratory Products

PITTCON approaches, and we’re looking forward to showcasing our stable of laboratory pumps and vacuum systems. Conferences and  tradeshows always provide a great opportunity to meet with co-workers and customers from across the country –or the globe. Today’s  tradeshows involve a lot of prep; exhibiting is only a part of the responsibility. We continually find additional value at shows by ensuring a  full schedule of meetings takes place. This face-time is critical, and it’s incredibly beneficial to meet with customers to discuss their lab  systems and setups in detail.

Simultaneously, it’s important to “see” our industry right in front of us. Shows like PITTCON are the perfect venue to learn about industry  trends, and to see if last year’s innovations are now driving growth throughout the market. Ideally, we take note of market-shaping topics  and use them to identify new applications for our products, in combination with our own processes of building pumps and systems that serve  distinct industry needs.

This year, I’m very interested in hearing the latest developments in the push for sustainability and green initiatives. Though it has been  discussed for years, I continually hear about companies pursuing LEED certification. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental  Design, is a voluntary, consensus-based market-driven program that provides third-party verification of green buildings. Creating pumps  and vacuum systems –or a full business culture– that aligns with these principles is a part of our corporate social responsibility, and there  are KNF Neuberger products that correspond with this mindset.

We’ll be showcasing our SC950 and SC920 Vacuum Pump Systems at PITTCON this year.
These systems promoteSC950cmyk 6x6 green initiatives in the lab, operating without the need for oil or aspirator water. That way, there’s far less waste created during the vacuum process. They also provide meaningful energy savings, thanks to a brushless DC (BLDC) motor. Once the desired vacuum has been reached, the BLDC motor operates only occasionally to maintain that level instead of running at full speed. This reduces energy as well as wear and tear.

Also, SC950 and SC920 vacuum systems utilize a first-of-its-kind Bluetooth-enabled control, allowing lab personnel to install the systems within the fume hood, with the sash fully closed. Not only does this help reduce energy costs, it also promotes a safer working environment and increases much-needed bench space. In fact, both of the vacuum systems can be installed on a shelf or even in a cabinet, and eliminating annoying cable feedthroughs.

You can find KNF Neuberger at PITTCON booth #2502. We’d love to discuss any of these topics, or how we can help you in the lab.

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