OEM Liquid Pumps Combine High Pressure Transfer Capabilities with Micro Footprint

Configurable for Application-optimized Design and Performance

NF1_25KNF Neuberger OEM self-priming micro-diaphragm liquid transfer pumps offer design
engineers a unique combination of performance and application flexibility in a remarkably small package – as small as 1.5” in length. Rated to operate continuously against pressures as high as 87 PSIG (some models to 145 PSIG) with 8.86 in. Hg suction capacity, these small but powerful pumps deliver a great ratio of pressure versus footprint. With their high pressure capabilities, KNF micro liquid pumps enable use of smaller instrument tubing, thereby reducing reagent needs. And, even with the compact design, these pumps deliver KNF-level quality and durability, including the ability to be run dry while still ensuring safe operation and maintenance-free, long service life.

Available in a series of performance platforms, KNF micro liquid pumps provide design engineers with a wide range of flow rates. The KNF NF1.5 series delivers up to
60 ml/min, while the NF1.25 delivers up to 300 ml/min and NF1.60 up to 650 ml/min. To ensure long life even under severe application requirements, KNF micro liquid pumps are also configurable in a wide range of chemically-compatible materials for wetted areas: PTFE to polypropylene for head construction and FFPM to EPDM for elastomeric components.

Typical applications for KNF micro liquid pumps include systems for the medical diagnostic, environmental, laboratory, cleaning/disinfection, analytical instrumentation, fuel cell and printing industries.

KNF develops purpose-built, application-optimized fluidic delivery solutions through engineer-to-engineer collaboration early in the design  phase, merging OEM system design goals with KNF pump technology expertise. Utilizing a unique concept of product platform  modularization, KNF is able to compress design and manufacturing timelines, while delivering industry-leading quality and lifecycle  performance.

For more information, please visit www.knfusa.com/products/oem-pumps/

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