MD&M East: OEM Pumps Support Medical Design Advances

By: Eric Wilson, OEM Senior Sales Manager

The first half of the year has flown by, and we’re thrilled our pumps continue to be relied on in truly innovative applications. We’re equally excited by the recent turnout at MD&M East, where current and potential customers, friends, students and industry pros were able to get a first-hand look at our array of OEM pumps and technologies for medical devices.

MD&M shows have always been an excellent opportunity to keep up-to-speed on current medical device trends, and this latest stop on the  tour in Philadelphia was no exception. It was fantastic to see such a noticeable uptick in booth traffic, especially as the crowd was primed to find technologies supporting the continual drive toward miniaturization. Simultaneously, we continued to see a growing trend of stateside  medical device manufacturers outsourcing design and component sourcing. This was not overly surprising to KNF, as we’ve been called on to  design or augment liquid, air and gas transfer solutions for shrinking equipment for quite some time now. However, our team of  engineers was excited to demonstrate some of KNF’s latest and greatest pumps that are extremely capable of high pressure transfer — despite the need for ever-smaller footprints.

Our Pump Projects stress engineer-to-engineer communication, and shows such as MD&M East offer the opportunity to start—or continue— the conversation. As we’ve learned, communication about application needs often leads to more than just an optimized pump. It presents an opportunity to assist engineers better achieve the overall design objectives of the device. The beauty of a trade show is that we have a bevy of  engineers ready and available with an assortment of pumps, components, datasheets, etc. at our fingertips to show-and-tell our way through any discussion.

To learn more about our full line of OEM liquid, air and gas pumps, or to view our upcoming tradeshow schedule, visit And don’t forget to drop by and say hi at the next show.

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