OEM Diaphragm Pumps: Coming to Life in 3D

Check out our latest video from KNF Neuberger, illustrating a typical OEM pump project. This 3D animation gives you a first-hand look into the typical back-and-forth between customer application needs and resulting KNF pump design modifications.

Specifically, the animation addresses a customer’s evolving request for a diaphragm pump with attributes, such as:

  • High-capacity
  • Extended life
  • High pressure
  • Improved leak-tightness
  • Quieter operation
  • Various port configurations

To learn more about how KNF USA’s team of engineers works with customers to build spec-driven gas and liquid pumps, visit our blog titled “The Consultative Approach: Translating Value via Engineer-to-Engineer Design“.

Or, watch additional videos, visit the KNF video library.

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