KNF Team Members Demonstrate Pump Power at Open House

Recently, KNF hosted an Open House for employees and families at the US pump manufacturing facility in Trenton, NJ. At the event, KNF associates showcased a number of demonstrations featuring everything from customized OEM pumps used in high-tech medical equipment, to explosion-proof Industrial Process pumps, and even the latest RC 900 Rotary Evaporator system for laboratory applications. Guests of the event were fascinated as they slowly moved through the tour, learning about the diverse applications of which KNF pumps are a critical part.

Joe Alcamo, KNF USA Technical Director, commented on the team demonstrations: “It’s great that we are able to show our family and friends the power and versatility of the products that we produce, and to showcase some of the unique functions performed by our pumps with important applications.”

KNF Micro Diaphragm Gas Pump fits in palm of handKNF Micro Diaphragm Gas Pump demonstration with bowling ball One of the demonstrations that caught the attention of guests was presented by the KNF Engineering team and involved the lifting of a 17 lb. bowling ball by a micro gas pump no larger than a quarter! Typically, the small size of these pumps make them ideal for use in portable, hand-held, gas monitoring devices.

In the demo, a KNF NMP 05 micro-diaphragm gas pump was connected to the base of a suction cup, which rested on top of a bowling ball (pictured right).

When turned on, the tiny gas pump created a vacuum in just under 5 seconds, that was strong enough to enable the suction cup to lift the 17 lb. bowling ball.

The KNF facility tour and pump demonstrations were capped off with a picnic lunch, where employees and guests sat together to enjoy a family style barbeque in the warmth of the late summer sun.

Visit to learn more about KNF micro gas pumps.
To learn more about KNF Neuberger Inc. click here.

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