As ACS Fall Arrives, KNF Neuberger Launches Four New Products

LabManager-NewStyle-Banner-300x250ACS Fall is here once again, and while we’re not yet ready to say goodbye to summer, this is always an exciting time of year for new product launches and breaking industry news. At last year’s Fall meeting, we introduced our flagship RC 900 Rotary Evaporator to mesmerized lab personnel and students. Not to be outdone, this year we’re extremely proud to once again expand our lab product offering by introducing four new products, including:

  • The RC 600 Rotary Evaporator: An efficient, robust instrument designed for intensive day-to-day use in a wide range of laboratories, from academia to industry. It’s well thought out ergonomic design and intuitive control interface ensure ease of use, allowing rapid user familiarization and straightforward operation. For maximum operator safety, a simple flask exchange mechanism and an easy-to-pour heating bath are incorporated, and there is minimal exposed tubing.
  • VC 900 Vacuum Control Unit: a stand-alone unit allowing accurate, two-point control of any vacuum source, including KNF and other manufacturers’ pumps, or even central vacuum. Used with select KNF pumps, enjoy the added convenience of automated boiling point detection and control.
  • SCC 950 Vacuum Pump System: The SCC 950 offers precise, cost-effective vacuum control of two separate processes concurrently, and is perfect for simultaneous operation of two rotary evaporators.
  • N 920 G Vacuum Pump: The latest addition to the KNF line of oil-free, high suction speed pumps, featuring an integrated gas ballast valve for superior handling of aggressive gases and vapors.

For more information, please visit ACS Fall Booth 324, or find us online at   

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