Trade Show Demo Features KNF Micro Vacuum Pump

Throughout the year, we’ve noticed a demonstration unit that caught our attention on the show floors of BIOMEDevice San Jose, SLAS and MD&M West. This demo – created and displayed by AllMotion – highlights the ability of their four-axis controller board, and utilizes a KNF Micro Gas Pump to create vacuum for stacking and unstacking marbles at a dizzying speed. AllMotion is a California-based manufacturer of stepper drives, stepper controllers, servo drives and servo controllers.

The demo illustrates the ability of the AllMotion board to run motors through four axis of movement and calculate the associated trajectories, while simultaneously running the KNF Micro Gas Pump, a vacuum switch, limit switches, and LEDs – all in a perfectly-timed ballet of motion.

The KNF Micro Gas Pump was selected due to the engineer’s previous experience with KNF pumps. “We selected a KNF pump because they’ve proven to be reliable and flexible for use in various applications,“ said David Goodin, R&D Engineer of AllMotion.

“A KNF Micro Gas Pump was the perfect choice to help AllMotion highlight their product capabilities in a demo unit,” said Alex Padanyi, OEM Western Region Sales Manager at KNF. “These pumps are compact, very durable, highly-efficient, and provide a high flow rate for their size. In addition, our Micro Gas Pumps are available in a variety of specification ranges, materials, configurations, and motor options to balance desired controllability, lifetime, and cost, making these pumps well-suited for many applications.”

To learn more, visit the KNF Micro Gas Pump landing page. Also, check out the AllMotion website at

One thought on “Trade Show Demo Features KNF Micro Vacuum Pump

  1. It’s so cool to see how far vacuum pumps have come over the last few decades. This one was awesome to watch and you could really see how it reliable and flexible to fit in any type of application. I’m grateful for technology like this and how it helps us have better lives.

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