Selecting the Proper Pressure Control Valve

KNF FDV Valves with PVDF materials

KNF FDV Valves with PVDF materials

Before deciding on the appropriate diaphragm pressure control valve for your application, it is important to first understand some of the basic uses of these devices. Gaining a better understanding of how a pressure control valve works, and determining how one can best suit your specific application, will simplify the selection process.

What Does a Pressure Control Valve Do?

When used in tandem with a pump, a pressure control valve provides more accurate control over the pressure supplied by the pump. Generally, pressure control valves can be used in the following 2 ways, depending on the application:

1) Pressure Control

A pressure control valve can be used to maintain constant back pressure for exact flow rates under free flow conditions, with positive pressure on the inlet side or with varying back pressure, or with the operation under vacuum, etc.

2) Bypass Valve

A pressure control valve can serve as a safety device for protection of a system’s pump, motor, tubing and connections, vessels and other accessories. Installed as a bypass valve, it prevents excessive pressure build up in the system caused by dirt, misuse or other problems.

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Closer Look: KNF USA Process and Industrial Pumps

Our “About KNF USA” series comes to a close with its fourth and final chapter, a video snapshot of the Process and Specialty Products division. Richard Aerts, Process Products Engineer, walks you through options for reliable transfer, sampling, evacuation and recirculation of liquid and gas in critical—and often hazardous—industrial applications.

To explore further, download our Process Pump Catalog, or see our Process product line.

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OEM Diaphragm Pumps: Coming to Life in 3D

Check out our latest video from KNF Neuberger, illustrating a typical OEM pump project. This 3D animation gives you a first-hand look into the typical back-and-forth between customer application needs and resulting KNF pump design modifications.

Specifically, the animation addresses a customer’s evolving request for a diaphragm pump with attributes, such as:

  • High-capacity
  • Extended life
  • High pressure
  • Improved leak-tightness
  • Quieter operation
  • Various port configurations

To learn more about how KNF USA’s team of engineers works with customers to build spec-driven gas and liquid pumps, visit our blog titled “The Consultative Approach: Translating Value via Engineer-to-Engineer Design“.

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